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     CABALLERO is designed by sisters, Carla and Lucia. Born and raised in Cape Town, where the dynamic and unique culture of South-Africa and it's blend of European and African art, craft and designs have always served as their inspiration.

     After years of working at a top couturier in Sydney Australia, Carla brings her knowledge of bespoke construction and fit to each piece in the collection. Combined with her business savvy garnered as creative director for multiple US-based fashion brands.In tandem, Lucia has been designing spaces in some of London's most covetable zip codes for over a decade. Designing custom textiles and fabrics for her projects across the globe. Infusing each space with her trademark of elegance and luxury. 

    Carla resides in the Los- Angeles, California, and Lucia in Chelsea, London. Fusing their experience and the aesthetic of their respective hometowns they have created  CABALLERO. Resulting in beautifully crafted garments,  unparalleled fit, custom prints, and meticulously sourced fabrics from small family owned mills around the world.This is a collection designed to be effortless and timeless; creating pieces to be loved and treasured