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    The collective vision of sisters Carla and Lucia, CABALLERO channels decades of shared passion, worldly experiences and cultural inspiration.

    Born and raised in Cape Town, Carla and Lucia are guided by their dynamic South African culture and its unique blend of European and African arts, crafts and aesthetics.

    Never ones to shy away from adventure, Carla and Lucia have spent years traveling, living and working around the globe. They’ve drawn on their experiences creatively and professionally giving way to the inimitable and modern offering that is CABALLERO.

    With extensive backgrounds in fashion, creative direction and interior design, Carla and Lucia have a shared eye for detail, elegance and contemporary luxury and a deep respect for one another’s individual flair.

    Having worked with one of Australia’s most coveted couturiers, Carla oversees the beautiful crafting of each garment ensuring a bespoke construction and impeccable fit every time.

    Designing spaces in some of the world’s most covetable zip codes has seen Lucia’s foray into the design of custom textiles and fabrics. This has given rise to the development of CABALLERO’s rich, unique fabrications and intoxicating prints.

    Today, Carla resides in Los-Angeles, California, and Lucia in Chelsea, London. Drawing new inspiration from the aesthetic of their respective hometowns, Carla and Lucia strive to capture the very essence of feminine sophistication. CABALLERO is designed to be effortless and timeless with pieces to be loved and treasured for years to come.